About us

We all have dreams...Dreams are making our life more exciting and beautiful...This online boutique has been our dream for a long time.

We noticed that being unique is more important than just being in fashion. Expressing yourself, your free spirit, your personality -  these are the qualities that make a nowadays  woman’s individuality. The Boho lady is shining, confident and creative.

We created the label The Boho Bazaar - our Beautiful handmade suede fringe bags... Rainbow of colours, style and quality... 

Combination of the bohemian look and hand-made techniques attracted us and gave us the idea  that  bags and other treasures that you may find in our Boho Bazaar will accomplish your boho-chic look and make it unforgettable.

We have lounched our Clothing line BB - handmade winter knits and summer handmade kimonos and cover-ups.

Our unique items are full of colors and number of each piece due to it artisan production is limited.

Dreams must come true.. We just hope that in our Boho Bazaar you will find the item of your dream that will make you shine..