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Mochila Trend

Beautiful handmade Mochila bags have a very meaningful origin..
On the very northern part of the South American continent, by the Caribbean coast, there is an Amerindian ethic group living called Wayuu. The Wayuu people lives in an area called La Guajira Peninsula, which covers both northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela. There are around 434.000 Wayuu people and they have their own language called Wayuunaiki.
Cultural aspects are very important for the Wayuu people and they have kept their traditions for generations. Wayuu women are taught from a young age how to become a leader with wisdom and deep knowledge of their culture. From the time when they are very young and as they grow up, they learn how to weave and express themselves through the weaving of different items such as these extraordinary handbags, also known as mochilas. Each mochila is handmade by one woman and she spends several days, sometimes up to twenty days to finish one bag. The mochilas’ unique patterns and color combinations reflects the women’s culture and creativity with inspiration from the elements of the earth and the nature. This combination brings incomparable authenticity to each piece. Centuries of history and traditions are presented to the lovers of meaningful fashion items. 
You can wear these bags everywhere and with everything!!! We propose several ways to style it...

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Summer in Sumika

This brand was a real discovery... Amazing Australian - SUMIKA. Handmade crochet. Sexy, beachy, sensually beautiful and SO SUMMER!!! Her clothes make us dream about summer, heat and ocean..
Gorgeous Angela (the designer) named her brand after her daughters - blended they became "Sumika" - BOHO GIRL meets BEACH BABE ! Amazing quality and perfect fit of her creations, as well as bright summer colours - all this you may find now online... Yes, yes, her shorts are in our Store now and we are so happy to feel the energy and warmth of this gorgeous woman and Australian sun...      

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Friday Im In Love ...

Hails Cronin has this light that you can feel through her photos and posts. This Australian blogger is all about love, tenderness, sensuality and incredible beauty. Her instagram @fridayiminlove is So inspiring. Amazing style and taste mixed with nature and sun... Her posts help to discover new brands, the new way to wear already known names.
Soon it is St Valentine's... So it is ALL About LOVE...We are completely in love with this Gorgeous young lady and mother of a wonderful little boy :) Just enjoy the beauty...

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The Naked Tiger

The Naked Tiger is an amazing blogger and designer from Australia. She is also a beautiful mother of two boys and just an incredible person!
Her Facebook page -  The Naked Tiger - is one of the most active pages in this Social Media, her Instagram @thenakedtiger is followed by all fashionistas, by young and by famous designers, stylists, models, photographers and just people who love beauty, life and style. She gives amazing advice, discovers new creative personalities, brings people together, helps young names and just makes us dream..
Zoe (her real name) is also a talented designer. She makes gorgeous silk jumpsuits, dresses, shorts that every bohemian girl must have in her closet. One of her silk jumpsuits was featured in the last issue of the Disfunkshion magazine, another  was spotted on Elle from, her creations appear here and there, in shops, web etc...
And we are just happy to have her creations in our online store and to open every day her FB page to see what else this fantastic woman has found to make us start our day with smile and sense of beauty...

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