All About Becca...

Becca Tobin conquered our hearts by playing Kitty Wilde in the World famous TV show GLEE. This talented actress,danser and singer made an incredible career and became a Fashion Icon for the young women all over the world. 
Her personal style blog is visited by thousands of people, her instagram  and twitter posts are followed by all of us... What would she wear this time? Her choice is always the right one. 
Becca's style and grace made her so unique. So let's just admire the beautiful images of this gorgeous actress, they are really amazing. (we LOVE the bohemian spirit in those photos and we share her love to Jen's Pirate Booty :))...

Becca Tobin wearing The Boho Bazar Fringe crossbody and Show me Your Mumu Dress

All the outfit details you may find  on Becca's personal site

With love