These beautiful Australian ladies are known all over the world.. Mega bloggers, Trendsetters and true Friends...Their passion for fashion turned into their mutual project followed by thousands and thousands women from different countires. Who they are, what they think about style, fashion and friendship  - all these questions we asked Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson.. Exclusive interview for the Boho Bazaar...

BB: Why this name - “They All Hate Us?” (Do you really think that All women  are so jealous by nature - joking :)), that inside themselves they ‘hate u’ - for your beauty? success? popularity? sense of style?  or it was just for fun?
Elle: The name They All Hate Us simply comes from Tash and I working in an office with a lot of boys that use to roll their eyes at us every time we would buy something new or get excited over something silly like a new pair of shoes... It's very tongue in cheek fun.
Tash: Well, it's meant to be funny ...not everyone shares our addiction to all this fashion! 

BB: What is the main message of your blogposts? And the main idea of the project They All Hate us?
Elle: Our posts are simply a montage of what we love or what inspires us... Still to this day I am excited to see what Tash posts every morning and I know when I'm posting what will make her smile.
Tash: It's a huge pin board melting pot of things we love and that inspire us.... One day could be interiors because I'm re decorating my office or about denim and shoes I need to own. It's very fun.
BB: Your blog is read by so many people all around the world, your instagram is followed by thousands of women of different age and nationalities… How it feels to be the Trend-setter and the Real Fashion icon? Is it difficult, responsible, fun or a mixture of all? How did the popularity and success change you?
Elle: Still to this day we do what makes us happy and we wear what we love we've just been lucky enough to inspire and find like minded people that enjoy the same things... And appreciate a good handbag or a pair of shoes.
Tash: We are both so different but the same - and especially we don't over complicate what we wear or how we wear it ... I think this is why people follow us because we are just like them! We love the concept of high low dressing - and expensive handbag with a tee from H&M. 

BB: What is it for you - The Perfect Style? The perfect Taste?
Elle: I really believe it's being you and believing in who you are. Everyone has style but for me it's a great pair of denim shorts and a white shirt
Tash: I think both - some people think because they buy expensive items they have style but really it's how you pull it together and wear it ... 

BB:How would you describe your personal style? Are there any differences in your tastes?
Elle: Both Tash and I LOVE denim and I think at the end of the day a great outfit for us always comes back to at least one piece of denim.
Tash: Yes and an amazing shoe or handbag. I love I can wear denim to 80% of things because you can dress up with a heel or amazing clutch. That's us. 

BB: You seem to be a really great team! How do you manage to keep your friendship in the working environment?
Elle: We love what we do and we love each other.... Oh and we also think we were separated at birth
Tash: We also have a lot of respect for each other. We worked together for many years prior to Tahu in a very busy, high pressured  yet inspirational environment so we both know each other's strengths and weaknesses and complement each other.

BB: Could you say that you represent ‘the AUSTRALIAN STYLE’ ? Is there something special in the Australian style? 
Elle: Aussie style is a little more relaxed I think and because we live by the ocean I think our style always somehow echoes this, even if it's just salty hair. There are so many amazing men and woman that represent Australian style... But us Aussies always have a blow
Tash: Aussies embrace their look around our incredible weather. It's ok to have your skin showing in winter because it doesn't get that cold here. We have a very casual style but super cool at the same time. Is easy and uncomplicated. 

BB: What is the main Fashion Trend now?
Elle: hmmmm that's a hard one but info think the hippy is coming back... Or she never actually left.
Tash: I'm loving kahki again.

BB:Personally, we find amazing the combination of the urban style together with the ethnic/hippie. And I Just Loved how u styled our bags… But… why The Boho Bazaar? What did you find special in our store/brand?
Elle: it was all about those fringed bags.... It was love at first sight
Tash: I was looking for a fringed bag and none were right - not enough fringing or looked too contrived. These bags are like from my soul.... So much movement and are a really great fun and cool bag. I now need one in a natural camel colour as imagining with denim and white! 

BB: And the last… You both are so creative and you have what we call ‘the Special touch’  - this makes you so special for us all… Your name has become a real Brand...So my question is - do you plan  to create your own BRAND where your creativity and sense of style and your amazing popularity could give birth to something really outstanding :) What would it be then? (clothing? jewellery, bags?)What are your dreams in this area (if u have one)? :)
Elle: the journey that we are currently on is so amazing that we are just taking everything in our stride and being very thankful. Who knows what the future will hold...

Tash and Black Fringe crossbody

Elle and Blue Fringe Crossbody

Big Thank You to Tash And Elle For their Time and attention and support!
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