Love kills...

For whatever reason, there seems to be a certain amorous magnetic field between models and musicians. We can't seem to offer any explanations as to the why, but we can just admire this glamorous fusion: gorgeous ladies and crazy talented men...

Guns N Roses "This I love (Message for you)"
(devoted to Stephanie Seymour)

No matter how I try
They say it's all a lie
So what's the use of my
Confessions to a crime
Of passions that won't die
In my heart

Axl still believes that he and ex-girlfriend Stephanie Seymour were together in many of their past lives.

Iman about David
"I remember once the laces on my trainers came undone and David was down on his knees in the middle of the street tying them for me. I thought to myself, ‘This one’s a keeper.’"

David about Iman: “You would think that a rock star being married to a super-model would be one of the greatest things in the world... It is!"

Bryan Ferry's song devoted to Jerry Hall

"Kiss and tell
 Money talks - and love, it burns"...


Jerry on Bryan "They say you can't really regret things but I must say he has aged beautifully..."  


Mick Jagger's "Miss You" devoted to Jerry Hall

I've been holding out so long
I've been sleeping all alone
Lord I miss you


Jerry Hall about Mick: “How can you un-love? Breaking up with Mick was painful but I was with him for 23 years and the fact we stayed together so long and made such a wonderful family was an amazing success.”

Michael Hutchence's relationship with Helena Christensen
began after the pair were introduced by fashion photographer Herb Ritts. Hutchence soon became smitten with the Danish supermodel, which proved to be problematic as he was already dating Kylie Minogue. When rumours began to surface about his dalliances, it is alleged Kylie confronted him, leaving Michael with no choice but to make 'the other woman' his only woman.

Vanessa Paradis "Be My baby" written by Lenny Kravitz

Love is just like a flower, baby, it has to grow, yeah
And when you are away, I'm even loving you more
I just have to let you know
One on one is the way and that's the way it should be, yeah
So, if you're not gonna stay, then don't be playing with me
You can set me free

                 with Lenny Kravitz                              


and Johnny Depp