Beautiful colours, bright and fresh... Youth, smiles and sun... Our new lookbook - Part I...

Pink jumpsuit BB and Mochila bag

Boho clutch and The Naked Tiger shorts

Bandit brand tank and The Naked tiger Shorts

Shaggy coat www.shoplovestoned.com

Bandit Brand tank and The naked Tiger shorts

Fringe purse The Boho Bazaar

The Naked Tiger jumpsuit, fringe purse and Lovestrength belt

The Naked tiger jumpsuit and Lovestrength belt

The Naked Tiger Jumpsuit and Mochila bag

The Naked Tiger shorts

The Bandit Brand Teeshirt and Mochila bag

Leopard shorts BB

Leopard shorts BB

All these items you can purchase online!!!
Some items will be added very soooon!!

Spring Part II is coming soon!!!
New dresses and kimonos BB

Thanks to gorgeous Model - Margaux :)

With love