Positive  vibes, energy, incredible style...So dreamy and heavenly...Hails - the gorgeous blogger from Australia and her insta - @fridayiminlovexo...
Every picture is a story, some kind of theater, staging, a piece of art.. One day - she is a rock star, another day - she is a good girl from 60-s... she can be provocative, funny, she can be sensual and magic. She is always different, but you can recognize her style ... and this is what makes her So special.
People must see this amazingness!!!
Pin her photos, share them, download them.. They create This special mood inside and around you.

And we just  LOVE LOVE LOVE this crazy talented girl!!!



Heaven in Novella Royale Bells


Rad !

This photo made me buy This dress from Novella Royale :))

This is just crazy!

"MAD MEN" style...

And again WOW!

Our Red Fringe crossbody and The Naked Tiger jumpsuit


Thank you for this picture love!


Sick photo!!!

And here again - love love love...

All outfit details and more photos of this girl you may find on her instagram account